I am an arcane gnome of impressive stature as I stand at 3’ 8" and weigh 48 pounds. I posses a wonderful mane of red hair which is slicked and curved backwards into points and possess a thick but well kept beard. My eyes are of a dark hazel color. I dress simply in a scholar’s outfit that consists of a black robe, a belt, soft shoes, and a white cloak with an embroidery of a multicolor dragon on the sleeves. I also wear a rainbow opal ring on my right hand. My voice sounds like that of most high gnomes, somewhat higher pitched than the adult voices of humans with an almost childlike swing to my words. My time at the college and Medfras has lent a hard bent to my voice when speaking. I posses no such physical weaknesses, such as allergies, diseases, or other physical weaknesses. I am right handed.

I suppose I consider myself an optimist and an introvert who prefers organization to chaos. I would describe myself as timorous, earnest, aloof and others might describe me as intelligent, polite and distant. I consider myself a follower the dragon deity Aasterinian. I follow mainly because her teachings and portfolio align with my own, but I also hold some reverence for her as a being. I also hold great respect for Bahamut, the patron god of my teacher and Garl Glittergold, the patron god of my people. I also recognize the power of the goddess Shar, but I no longer follow her teachings. I do not think I am able to kill; I am not even able to fight with any great skill. But if one threatens your world or threatens to take away something or someone important to you from that world, perhaps killing may not be inappropriate. The most evil thing a person can do is to take someone’s world away from another or seek to hide it from them. In contrast, a successful life is one where the person manages to contribute to the world and to make it a better place than before they were born. I tend to keep my feelings and thoughts to myself, although my concerns and hesitations are laid quite bare. I will not hide away painful truths to spare others from being burdened by them; my parents performed such an act and in doing so they prevented me from being able to say goodbye to them. I am biased against followers of Shar and Tiamat. I am also suspicious of any who call the plane of shadow home as well those who claim ancestry from such creatures. I feel as though I am too young to die for anything. But I would go to extremes to protect the Dohorn Mage Academy, Myriani, and Medfras.


My name is Raerl Dinel Fen Dalawanneskor Hymnir, although I usually go by Dal. I was born across the sea in the city of Bellfront on the Scarlet Isles. My father was Hisfan Hymnir and my mother was Urici Hymnir. My father served as a gem cutter and my mother was an alchemist. My father was enthusiastic and focused, although he could be somber at times. My mother was resourceful and capable, often being in a humorous mood. I have no blood siblings, although there were the children of other couples in “the family.”
I currently reside at the dorms within the tall whitestone walls of the Dohorn Mage Academy built upon a cliff overlooking the ocean. I am close with Medfras, the dragon-born sorcerer who is head of illusions at the college as well as Myriani who is the headmistress of the college. These two were the closest thing I had to caretakers during my formative years. Besides them I also mingle among the other teachers and the students who visit the college for study. Currently I am a scholar at the~ and consider myself under the tutelage of Medfras.
While I technically do not posses any personally wealth, my being harbored at the mage academy allowed me to enjoy a middle-class standard of living. I occasionally use the gnomish phrase “Ti feeralu” which translates to “I tricked you” in common. Frequently there is nothing in my pockets nor do I have any strange quirks.

Growing Up I would describe my childhood as not so bad, although it did lack the joy and laxness that I hear other gnomes enjoy. I really only got to know those others within the community who were deemed “worthy.” I was not allowed to have friends outside of my brothers and sisters of “the family.” They were mostly the children of tall races, but there were some others like dwarves and fellow gnomes. There we also some tall races who just looked pitch dark, but they didn’t converse much. No one was really popular, although I believe I held some respect amongst my peers for my skill in illusion. I always got along well with my parents although I was more reserved than my mother would have liked and a tad too timid for my father. I was told I held great promise by the other members of “the family” and would receive notable praise from the other adults throughout my childhood development. I remember during my childhood at Bellfront a time when most of “the family” was assembled in the main chamber. The adults were gathered and standing in the middle of all of them was some creature of shadow. The specifics of what it was escapes me, but it filled me with an incredible sense of dread that I have not felt since.
After I began attending the college I instantly got along with Medfras and eventually even Myriani is warming up to me … although that is an ongoing process. I always looked up to my mother and father, but I also very much looked to Medfras as I grew up. Medfras possesses a certainty and confidence that I one day hope to hold and a talent for shifting circumstances to his favor that I am quite envious of. Medfras, is the most important person in my life, he took me in after my parents died and guided me through my formative years. I am not certain of my first memory. I believe it to be of me swimming in a grotto while my parents look on. At Bellfront, I most enjoyed practicing my illusions with my brothers and sisters of “the family.” It was one of the few times I was able to be creative and show off somewhat. I also enjoyed swimming in the grotto. My favorite activities at the e ere also using my illusions, but it was much more enjoyable and there was much less pressure. I even sometimes used my illusions to help with the stage work for some performances the bards at the college that were put on. The college also has an underground river near the cliff side that I enjoy swimming in. I was somewhat reserved. I did adopt some aspect of humor from my mother but I mostly emulated my father’s seriousness and dedication. I grew to be somewhat more outgoing during my time at the college though.
My childhood learning focused almost solely on the learning of illusions and religious philosophy. I continued to study illusions at the mage college, but I also learned of a much broader range of topics and received a basic education. I did not enjoy the education of my childhood. The training grounds were dark clammy places and the instructors were cold and distant. My time at the mages college was much more pleasant. The grounds were wonderful and the instructors were much more patient and sympathetic. I would like to say that most of my skills come from growing up at the college, however the truth of the matter was that nearly as much of my skills and talents I acquired during my childhood city of Bellfront. I knew I wanted to be an illusionist, although I am not sure for whom I wished to put these talents to work. I think if I had stayed with “the family” I would have ended up eventually dedicating myself to serving the goddess Shar. I wish that I had been taken away from “the family” much earlier. At some point during my time mages college came to know that I wished to work for the collage as a scholar and eventually an instructor. I eventually want to succeed Medfras as head of illusions after his retirement.
The most important event in my life was not of my own doing. It was my parents decision to leave “the family” when I was twenty-five that shaped my life the most. They feared for my safety and sent me to be harbored by the mages college until they come for me themselves. A few months after they had done so, I felt that part of my mind and some of my memories were being taken from me by Shar. I do not think I had committed any acts evil, but a great deal of my childhood memories are missing, and I grow uneasy when I try to remember certain parts of it. Later, I learned that my parents’ home was burnt to the ground and that they likely perished in the fire. This is my worst memory; hearing of my parents death, that I would not be allowed to return home , and that it would not be safe for me to use any my old names that my parents knew me by. There is a nightmare I have quite often. I am swimming in the underground river near the college and that creature of shadow I saw as a child appears and seizes me. It takes me across the ocean intending to return me to “the family” for some malevolent purpose, although I always wake before I see home. I fear being discovered here, I fear being involuntarily returned Bellfront and although I do not remember what that creature of shadow is I am sure I also fear it.
Medfras was the one who influenced me the most. After the death of my parents, he taught me so much about the real world and I was shaped by his tutelage. However, I have no great achievements to yet speak of, but I take pride in the work I do for the college. My greatest regret is that I did not spend more time with my parents when I had the chance, that I did not learn gem cutting from my father and that I laughed so quietly at my mother’s jokes. When I was thirty-one I wished to actually perform on stage during a production that the bards at the college. It was a minor role that was actually for a child character in the play, which was itself mildly humiliating. When the spotlight hit me on opening day I blanked in front of everyone. I decided that day that the stage was not for me. My best memory is of the first time that Medfras took me to the Highbury Zoo after I finished mourning the death of my parents. He showed me all of the beasts and animals contained within. These creatures were wonderful and exotic and somewhat frightening. He told me that observing these creatures would the first lesson of many to come and that he would be my teacher from that day onward.

I generally treat others politely and with respect although I am usually aloof with strangers, however I do care what others think of me, more than I would like to admit. When I get to know someone the emotional distance diminishes. Eventually it reaches the point I can be fully emotive around them and begin attempts at humor. I despise no person with great intensity and I prefer to avoid conflict. I am bothered by instances of cruelty perpetrated by the strong against the weak. I am not a natural leader. I respect Headmistress Myriani, she is always so composed and in control in her running of the college, she has improved the world and lone-day hope to have such a positive impact on the world myself. My friends consist mostly of the other small races who attend the college for education; particularly fellow gnomes, dwarves, and those few kobolds who prove themselves of good nature. They are visitors to the college though and I rarely keep friends for very long. When I need help, I turn to Medfras if I was in a particular physical bind and Headmistress Myriani for binds caused by stuff written on paper. I also trust those two to protect me as they have already done so. For 16 years, they have allowed me to reside at the college and have kept me hidden from “the family”. I believe that if I died or went missing, they would miss me.

I enjoy reading (historical epics are my favorite), swimming, and playing with illusions, quips and satire usually get me to laugh. I am good at illusions, studying, and hiding. I am bad at playing sports, cooking, and acting. My most treasured possession is the rainbow opal ring given to me by Medfras when I formally began studying illusions at the college. My favorite color is black and my favorite food is spiced cheese. I do drink on occasion. Socially unless my other small race classmates want to mess around in town I will usually grab a lantern and read books on the bank of underground river nearby the college. Occasionally I have insomnia, and when this happens, I usually find a dwarf student to drink with/against. It’s fun and sometimes I actually manage to get some sleep. I deal with stress by reading and going to the college baths. I prefer planning over spontaneity. I don’t like it when people pick on me about my height or youth. My greatest strength is my intelligence and my greatest weakness is that I am far from physically strong. If I could change one thing about myself. It would be that I were physically stronger. At the very least I would like be at the point where I do not have to worry about messing up basic feats of athleticism such as climbing a rope.

My day usually begins by waking up at 6:30am. Over the next hour and a half, I groom myself and get something to eat at the cafeteria before classes start at 8am. For most wizards like myself morning classes focus on one non-specialized, non-forbidden school of magic, with each of the wizard’s five such schools being studied in this manner through the Monday to Friday school week. Morning Classes end at noon, with lunch being held over the course of the next hour until afternoon classes begin at 1 pm. For wizards, these afternoon classes focus solely on their specialized school of magic, in my case I usually study illusions with Medfras and the other illusionists attending the college. Afternoon classes end at 5pm and after such time I usually complete errands and chores for the college until 8pm. At 8pm I usually go to the cafeteria for a late dinner and I return to my room and read until I go to bed at 10pm. If morning classes are cancelled I do appreciate the half day and getting to have more recreation time. However, if my evening classes are cancelled, not only do I miss out on studying illusions with Medfras, but that time I would have spent learning are then most likely filled with chores for the illusions department.

I set out on adventure in the hopes it will make me a belter illusionist. In addition to getting to practice my spells in a manner practical rather than academic I hope to encounter a variety of creatures that I may later use in my illusions; after all, illusionists may only draw from sights and sounds that they have experienced firsthand. Although I would most like to take over as head of illusions after Medfras retires.


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