Bird person


Haydius Background: His flock, The Silver Sky resided on the cliffs of St. Avery which is a port on Northeast corner the continent of (?). While never engaging in politics that never affected their way of life, one fateful day they were approached by King Henry. He was able to deceive and convince them that he was the ‘Good’ King, and that the world would know peace if his flock were to help him take his foothold in St Avery so that he may purge evil from the world. Upon the winning of that battle, the leader of the Silver Sky and Haydius father, Hayton, tasked his son to go on his Walk of the Four Winds. That same night after his departure, King Henry slaughtered his entire flock. Haydius did not learn of this until his travels took him to the city of Ft Mason. When he arrived, the fort was under siege by King Henry’s men. Assuming they were his allies, he joined the siege camp only to be taken hostage and scheduled for routine mass executions. The night of his planned execution, a rebel force raided the siege camp and Haydius was rescued by Monti and told the truth of what happened. His Walk of the Four Winds was indefinitely suspended, while he choose to pick up the spear and walk the path of vengeance under his god The Queen of Air and Night.


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