Just within the forbidden forest of Obad hai, a rather enormous forestry area. A human couple was fleeing with their four year old child. Buccoris and Twalina, desperate to save their child Karnnak from the impending doom they knew would eventually catch up with them and thus hid their child amongst the forest rubble. Karnnak was special. Special in a way no one could put their finger on; Touched in such a way that only comes about once every few hundred years. The clapping of hooves on a dirt forest road grew louder and louder as Elves on horseback approached the couple. The Human couple now several feet away from where they hid their four year old sleeping child addressed the elves on horseback. The Elvin soldiers demanded information from the humans as to who they were, what they were doing, and where they were from. Not trusting the humans, the Elvin soldiers not willing to risk them being spies or soldiers or informants for King Henry, quickly killed them after being answered. The Elves quickly left afterwards never being aware of the sleeping child.

Several hours after the death of his parents Karnnak was found by a group of apes. One ape in particular just went through a false pregnancy and with Karnnak being a special child the ape was unable to leave the child alone. She instantly and permanently adopted him. Raising him as her own, he quickly became a member of the family of apes. All of the apes had accepted him as one of their own. Four years after the death of his human parents poachers hunted down the shrewdness of apes killing his parents, with his now ape parents attempting to hide Karnnak an Karnnak knack for hiding he survived the poachers slaughter of the shrewdness. Hours later Karnnak went back to his adopted family of apes, who he found slaughtered and only missing their hands.

Several days later he was balled up and crying, just 8 years old and alone in the woods with all the family he has ever known dead. All of which were killed for no real reason. A she wolf heard the crying, found the boy and licked his tears. Yet to have a litter of her own, she adopted Karnnak as well. The male wolf didn’t object to the new human child when she brought him home. A year later Karnnak helped with the delivery of the litter her mother and given birth to. She had two male wolves and a female wolf. They all ran and played together. One year later a bob cat managed to kill one of the male cubs. Safe up in the tree the wolf pack was unable to seek its revenge. This was quickly forgotten as soon afterwards a new litter of puppies was had by Karnnak’s new wolf mother. Karnnak was different. Karnnak was special. Karnnak always helped out in ways that he could, although he couldn’t run as fast he could climb, and forage for things they couldn’t and helped out however he could, especially with his mother and her yearly litter, which came to an abrupt end when a large portion of the forest had caught on fire, the part of the forest his family lived in. Karnnak was the only one to survive, along with his sister.

Now 12 years old and living in the forest with his sister, after grieving for several months they were on their way to find a new home, perhaps a safer one. They shortly came upon a human druid. This druid took them in and trained Karnnak to be a druid and trained his sister Fidget to be an animal companion. Hannon provided Karnnak with the first clothing Karnnak has had since he was 4. Karnnak was naked as the day he was born when Hannon had come across them, and it took some doing to convince Karnnak to wear the clothing, by telling him the clothing was special, magical. It was the druid master who gave Karnnak’s sister the name as it seemed fitting to him the way she played all the time and for so long with small objects. The druid master was called Hannon of the woodland creatures, Hannon for short. Hannon only ate nuts, berries, and roots. Karnnak has yet to know food that has been cooked, not by any memories he has left at any rate. Karnnak spent a lot of time studying dragons and Draconic, learning how to cast spells, nature, and how to survive. Hannon had provided Karnnak with basic tools and equipment that he had made himself, basic supplies and defensive gear for him to practice and get familiar with.

After four years of training an undead hoard was marching through the woods as a short cut to conquer the Kingdom of Bazule. Hannon sacrificed his own life in order to give Karnnak and Fidget the time they needed to escape an impending death. Just prior to fleeing from the undead hoard Hannon told Karnnak he needed to learn as much as he could about his own kind. Hannons sacrifice was insufficient for Karnnak and Fidget to survive, but as they fled they came upon a Dryad and pleaded for help. The Dryad refused. Karnnak pleaded with the Dryad to at least save his sister and offered anything he had, the Dryad demand his life. Karnnak clarified by asking “you promise you’ll protect my sister if I kill myself?” to which the Dryad nodded. Without a second thought Karnnak unsheathed his scimitar and was about to plunge it into himself when the Dryad stopped him. She gave refuge inside her tree to both Karnnak and his sister Fidget. Seeing that Karnnak was sincere about putting an animal above his own interest, something she hadn’t seen a human do in some time, was more than enough for her to give her aid. It was days before the undead hoard and completely left the area and was safe to venture out. The Dryad had pointed Karnnak in the direction in which the closest village was, that was likely
to have at least some humans in.

At the south west end of “the forbidden forest of Obad Hai” Villagers had another name for that section of the forest. It was only known as “the haunted forest of evil spirits”. The villagers wrongfully believed the forest was haunted because “the forbidden forest of Obad Hai” wasn’t an arbitrary name. The villagers left the forest alone as many who ventured into it didn’t return and those that did never spoke about what they saw. Karnnak, living almost his entire life in the forbidden forest, a druid, and the son of many woodland creatures had no fear of his home, was for some safe there. Karnnak walked right past a natural spring where females were bathing, a female only spring. He waved to them as he passed by paying them little mind. The Females too shocked to see anyone so casually walk right out of “the haunted forest” they dumb fondly waved back in shock and fear. Some of the females speculated that he must be a ghost, but they’d never heard of a friendly ghost. One Female got the attention of a female guard who did patrol to make sure males didn’t venture to close to the bathing springs. Karnnak while all this was happening strolled right into the middle of the village. The other villagers were unaware of from whence he came and paid him no mind. Karnnak was fascinated by a large concrete fountain in the middle of town. He had never seen such a thing. He couldn’t understand its purpose. But the water was clean so he and Fidget drank from it. While drinking Karnnak noticed something shiny on the bottom of the well. They were coins. Karnnak had a few; money wasn’t that new to him, Hannon had explained how it was made, why it was made, and what you do with it. Karnnak picked up a few of the coins to examine them. A village soldier demanded that Karnnak leave the coins alone. Karnnak asked why? The soldier said “those are wishes, this is a wishing well, you are not free to take the coinage” Karnnak fascinated by the concept that coins were magically wishes, and not understanding the concept of superstition asked “what wish was this or this” and started asking questions like “if the higher the value of the metal of the coin was proportional the size of the wish?”. The soldier misinterpreted Karnnak’s questions as insubordination and mocking him. Other soldiers arrived, one of them the female soldier from the female bathing spring, mentioned what was reported of Karnnak and it was decided that he was a threat to the village. Karnnak, and only Karnnak was swiftly arrested, and without trial sentenced to 30 days in prison.


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