Zander SilverFlume

Tall slender build 6 foot tall, yellow eyes grey skin, long white hair a bit longer than shoulder length bony frail hands with thin fingers. well manicured fingertips. weight approx 185 lbs

I grew up in the town of Ellendale. Just like most Grey Elf that came here to get away from the human wars, my parents built a nice house and a quit life. My Father Timothy made his live as a librarian and my mother Theresa as a Historians. They tried for many years to have a child but after 500 years they gave up hope. and the year of their 608 wedding anniversary i was born. Even thought they were older when they had me they made sure i knew hard work and how to enjoy life as well. that is why on my 41 birthday i wanted to play i joke.. my cousin Tyler and myself took what we thought was an old thunder stick from my fathers work shop and make some candles from the Alchemist powders on the in side. thinking it would be very funny when my parents light the candle the cake would be blown all over.

but when my father lite the candles the cake and the flames blow all over summoning a Fire Elemental who ran around catching the house on fire. Although my family lost their home today my father and myself discovered a new type of alchemy fire. in the next 60 years my family rebuild and began to make our new alchemist fire and sell it to the eastern coastal town to defend against King Henry’s army.

After a few years on hard work the family had made more money than they knew what to do with it and the demand for their alchemist fire growing by the day. my father moved our family to Goats crossing. we build a huge warehouse right on the water called “Shatter Technology and Research” to build our ShatterStone. which is what my father called the mines we were making. My father set it up to where we get paid to bill the mines and paid to place them as well. so it only made sense to build right on the water a good days walk from goats crossing . we build housing for the workers and work areas . we had 38 workers who build mines for 16 hours a day .

A few years ago i lost my parents to ago. to old age. after their passing it was hard for me to go to the warehouse because it reminded me of them so much. i Hired Clarance Hammermane and also had the whole place rebuild and now the sigh reads S.T.A.R. the name my father gave his business and a name my mother called me till her dying day.

now i let Clarance run the day to day and he get to enjoy my life

Zander SilverFlume

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