The World of Ebb

welcome to EBB

Welcome to the World of Ebb

890 years ago the great Goddess Ebb, gave up her life force to create the world we know it.  In the beginning Ebb made the First one of every race. she made them to help her build their race path in the sands of time. Every race from the Gnomes, Drows, Verman, makall to lizradfolk were give a first.  Ebb took care to build a God for every race and a few more just to be safe. she wanted her children to all enjoy the world she gave them. After Ebb created the last of the races Spells and Gods, she spent a good long while creating the world, forest, plains, desserts, mountains, rivers and oceans and all the animals that live there. Once the world was ready she created night and day. she told them, I have given you this land to make your own but you must go out and look for my gifts, you will find them in all of my lands. It is up to you to take care of my gift to you.

Most the races learned very fast there was only so much room and began setting up towns and villages to call their own. Over the next 153 years the races mastered fire , the wheel, wooden homes, and boats to help them fish  for bigger game. in 247 the humans and dwarfs had a break thru in knowledge and build the first war ships.. 5 times bigger then the biggest fishing boat ever seen and the races began to take to the seas.

By 250 the human wars began. They set out to kill one another and anyone else who set sail to the new lands of the north. the first island they came to was named Scarlet Isles and over time after the war it because home to races like Dwarfs, Gnomes, Halfing, Kobold,Tiefling and Aaleear. sometime around 275 the Elfs  formed the Oriental Nation on the island of sihno'kne'co. but that name had long been forgot. People of the world just call this place The Nation


Olidammara Olidammara

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